Shine Your Darkness. Shine Your Light.

As with all of nature, life ebbs and flows.  We have periods of action and periods of rest. I have recently been blessed with a reprise from life- as-usual and have been taking full advantage of the opportunity for self-examination and transformation.  I know that this period has been given to me in order to take me to the next level, so rather than force something to happen from an old point of consciousness, I am allowing healing to take place, my consciousness to expand and the new to flow gracefully to me.  Uncomfortable? Yes.  Worth it? You better believe it!

During this time of introspection, I have been walking over some old territory, discovering old hurts, out-dated beliefs and clearing out my “mental closets” as Louise Hay would say.  It has been a wonderful experience and I invite you to do the same…even if it is for just a few minutes a day- what old belief can you acknowledge and then let go of? What secret shame , fear or guilt are you holding on to that may be holding you back from achieving what it is you truly desire to create in your life? Instead of pushing this further and further away, how can you embrace it? Can you say, ‘this is where I am.  This is my starting point.  This is the platform from which I launch my new beginning?’

I pulled a very fitting card from the Goddesses Knowledge Cards this morning: Selene.  According to the card, “Selene represents the fullness of life, incorporating all phases of light and darkness into her shining.”

Our past hurts and shame does not have to be hidden.  When we do that we only create life by reacting to this subconscious power.  Things may not work out and we don’t know why.  We become confused and frustrated by life.  Disheartened by the work in consciousness we are doing.  The more we drag these things out of the closet, acknowledge them and then use them as the platform to our new creations, the less power they have, and the more in alignment our lives are with our true desires, not these subconscious backseat drivers.

So, again, I invite you to dig deep.  Shine the Light of Awareness and Acknowledgment into those dark recesses of your mental closets, pull out everything inside and examine it.  Then heal it and let it go.  Call on your Angels for help in this process.  They are always with you.

♥ Megan




About Megan Gala

Megan is an inspiring, supportive and encouraging holistic practitioner offering a wide variety of modalities including Yoga, Reiki and Readings. A life long clairvoyant, clairsentient and student of the Mystic, Megan began her private practice after the miraculous healing and reawakening she experienced working with the modalities she now lovingly refers to as her Toolbox:. Megan is an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, Reiki Master, Atlantean Healing™ Master and Certified Yoga Instructor. Her primary intention is serve those who are seeking to Transform their lives, to claim the totality of their power, to co-create their lives joyfully with Spirit and to live in the magic of possibility.
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